Binary Brokerz Platform Review

Binary Brokerz Platform Review

Binary Brokerz Platform ReviewA complete review of the Binary Brokerz Platform: fast, secure and overall first class.


Binary Brokerz is a fairly new binary options broker, but it has quickly become one of the most popular. One of the biggest reasons why Binary Brokerz has become so popular is because of its amazing trading platform.

No matter how much trading experience you have, you will love using this first-class trading platform. It’s easy to use, fast and includes great unique features such as Social Trading and AutoChartist Analysis.

Platform Overview

On the top of the Binary Brokerz Platform page, you have an asset index, expiry prices, and a help center. This is a great place to start to get an overview of the platform and know what you have available to trade.

Everything on the platform is easy to understand and you can even sign up for a Demo Account to practice before investing your own money.

Further down the page you have complete account information, including your balance, bonuses and any open positions. You also have a Quick Links section, with everything from your account settings to trade and balance history.

Binary Brokerz Platform
Binary Brokerz Traindg Platform



How to Trade

To make a trade you simply choose the asset, pick an expiry time and your investment amount. Once you confirm and the trade is accepted you will be able to view its progress and – if you have the option to – Double Up, Hedge or Sell Back.

When you Double Up you open another position in the same direction, while when you Hedge you open a position in the opposite direction. You can earn up to 92% per trade and will always know your potential payout before you finalize a trade.

Binary Brokerz Platform - Trading in 3 simple Steps
Binary Brokerz Platform – Trading in 3 simple Steps

Assets and Trade Types

On the Binary Brokerz Platform, you have an extremely diverse set of assets to trade, including commodities, stocks, indices, foreign currencies and pairs like Gold vs. Silver or Amazon vs. Alibaba.

Expiry times range from 30 seconds to the end of the day, week or month. In addition to the Classical Call/Put (also known as High/Low) trade type, you can make One Touch and Boundary trades.

Furthermore, on the Binary Brokerz Platform, you can choose to view the available assets by class, top picks or your favorites. Each available option will include the payout amount, as well as available expiry times.




From the trading platform, you have access to real-time information and prices, as well as various charts and graphs. These are great to use when determining which asset to invest in and which expiry time is best.

You will also have access to AutoChartist Analysis, which provides research for short-term market movements and displays information regarding Approaches, Rebounds, and Breakouts for Support and Resistance levels.

Another one of the unique features of the Binary Brokerz platform is the Social Trading feature. With this, you can view how other traders are doing and which trades they are making. If you want, you can follow and copy the trades you like, or just use the feature for your own analysis.

Binary Brokerz Platform Features
Binary Brokerz Platform Features

Final Thoughts

Binary Brokerz truly has one of the best platforms available today in the binary options trading world. It’s fast, easy to use and you don’t need to have years of experience to trade effectively.

Your funds and identity are secure, you always have help available and there are a wide variety of assets to choose from. Thus, Binary Brokerz is really Not a Scam at all.

Get started with Binary Brokerz today and experience for yourself this first-class trading platform.


How To Sign Up With Binary Brokerz?

1. Clear your cookies by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete or, if you’re using Mac, Command + Shift + Delete.

2. Enter your real Name and Email HERE to open your trading account based on your details.

3. Fund your trading account with a minimum initial deposit of $200.

4. Start making money with Binary Brokerz !



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